3 of the biggest cities in asian countries

Asia has some of the most important economic hubs across the world and here are three cases.

By the South China Sea there is a great city which is in a special administrative region, which makes it very unique geographically and politically. The city has the largest amount of skyscrapers in the world, giving it an notable skyline; the harbour is a popular location to get photographs and views of the magnificent skyline. The city used to be a small fishing and agriculture area, however it has grown into one of the largest cities in the world and also a financial hub. It is an enticing area for investors and companies to look to, which is precisely what the US investors in Bank of East Asia have done. The good economic success in the area leads to better living conditions for people living there, and the city positions seventh on the human development index, so it's surely one of the top cities to live in.

As China is the most populated country in the world, it logically has a number of the biggest cities in the world too. The capital city of China is one of the most populated cities in the world but also the most historic; it is full of people, traditions, businesses and so many other aspects. Some large businesses work out of the city, and that is because it is a greatly linked hub city, which likewise has a broad pool of talent to hire from, which is part of the reason why the investors in Bank of Beijing have a good starting point from which to grow from. The historical past of the city is equal if not more remarkable than its financial power; there has been a walled city there since 1045BC, even though it went under a different name back then. Ever since then the city has had different various rulers, and each have imprinted their own traditions onto the city, all of which still have remnants to this day. The abundant history of the city is what has enabled it to expand into the important city it is these days.

Japan has one of the most well-informed and highly professional workforces in Asia and the world, as a result of this it is also an economic powerhouse. The nation has the 3rd largest economy in the world, the capital likewise ranks 3rd in the world in the Global Cities Index. The city is home to a number of the greatest Japanese businesses and industries; it has spectacular infrastructure to promote growth in these markets. The major city draws in large investment, and this has made it the biggest metropolitan economy in the world, and the investors in the Norinchukin Bank add to this booming city. The city is not just a financial hub, it also has a vast manufacturing capacity as well.

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